Gallery Walks

I'll be honest, my day for blogging here at the Owl blog has kinda creeped up on me out of nowhere and I've had a VERY busy day! I literally raced out of school after two meetings at 4 to get to our 4D ultrasound appointment this evening. 

Sweet girl Gracen is a chunker! I'm getting kind of nervous. The tech told me she's looking like 5 pounds already and I'm only 32 weeks! Ah!

Then I had dinner with some friends and just got home! 

I just wanted to share a little something that I do often in my classroom to get kids up, moving, and working. This is nothing life changing and I'm sure you guys probably do something like this all the time. I like to call it Gallery Walking. 

I take practice problems, review questions, etc... and post them around the room with numbers. Studnets use a recording sheet to travel around the room with a partner to solve the problems. This week, we happened to be working on estimating sums so all of the pictures are from the kids walking around and solving the problems (showing their work) on their recording sheets.

I really love this strategy and I use it weekly just to change it up and get kids doing practice problems in a different way. This is especially helpful if you have kiddos who need to get up and move around often! They love it and they are working so hard!! 

I hope to share something more useful next time! 

Til then, this preggers if off to bed!

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