Hanging Your Anchor Charts for the Year

Hi! Jen from Teacher by the Beach.

One of my favorite things to talk about is organization. I might be a LITTLE obsessed with being neat and organized... some say it's a disease, me? I say it's just common sense. ha!

In my new room this year, I don't have a lot of space... so I've had to get a little creative on some things.  One things I don't have is a place to keep a chart stand, other than my easel. And I really like hanging our poems and anchor charts for the year in one place, so the kids can flip through them every once in a while.  (You can see my post on what I do with our poems HERE)

So, I have a door with a window in my room that goes to my "closet."  So, I've started just hanging my chart paper there! I just use two butterfly clips and some command strips, and voila! I can hang my chart paper up. 

I also use this to hang up my posters for the year... you know the mailbox posters and such? Or the laminated anchor charts you make and reuse each year? I have those hanging on the other side of the door! It makes it really easy to go looking through them really quickly!

Hope this gives you some sort of idea for organzing and using every inch of your space.

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