Celebrate Your Super Students!

Denise here from Sunny Days!

Our district has chosen 9 specific character traits that we focus on and then we select one student who exemplifies that trait to be recognized each month. I like the system. Imagine your squirmiest kid who can't seem to stop chit-chatting and knows exactly what button to push when you're thisclose to the edge. Is he the kid who is going to pop into your mind when you chose your student of the month? Probably not. But if you have to focus on one kid who shows tolerance, you might remember how the same squirmy, button-pushing chatterbox really is friends with everyone. How he offers to share without being prompted. How he welcomes the chance to work with anyone and never pouts when you put him in a group. Now he has a shot. Now he can be a Student of the Month even though he's not your typical shining star. Maybe it's just me. I have a history of rooting for the underdog!

Each teacher then celebrates the student of the moth however they choose. I started something new this year and it's working out great. I give them a poster to color at home and when they bring it back, I hang it up outside our classroom door. We have really hard cement walls, so stapling right to the wall is a little difficult. Instead I hung a command hook and use a pants hanger to display it!

I just laminated the little strip and glued it to the front of the hanger, tied a bow and that's it! Simple, easy, and cute.

Helpful links:
Find the posters here and hangers here
Download the Student of the Month strip for the hanger here

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