Wonderopolis - Have you heard of it?

We all have wondered a lot of crazy things in our life time and our students are the same way. They wonder how things work, why the grass is green, why we have different colored hair and why dogs bark!

The media specialist at my school introduced my students to an amazing webpage: wonderopolis.org ! It's perfect! Your students can head to webpage, click 'explore wonders' and off they go. They get to listen to reading (or just read), watch an engaging video and extend on their new learning.

The media specialist introduced this webpage to students in a whole group setting before they set off to explore their wonders independently.

Students wrote down their wonder and then after they watched the video and read about their wonder they wrote about what they learned. The amazing thing though was that the kids wondering's' did not stop there... they began asking more questions and looking for information in books and on the internet! 

Students worked in pairs to learn about a wonder together.

They filled out information on a recording form that allowed them to track their wonders and their new learning. You can grab a similar form below:

Have fun with your wonders!

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