Classroom Management With a Substitute Teacher

Hey everyone, Ms. T here! Going with the theme of classroom management, I thought I could talk about tips for having a sub and dealing with classroom management.

I have to say when I saw this on Farley's blog, it made my heart happy.

Not only is it a message from the teacher, but a great reminder for kiddos to do their best (especially with a sub).

I know it's easier for me as a sub if the teacher has some sort of behavior system in place, whether it's individual/group/class.

Cupcake (she's my friend, I can call her that haha) has a cute compliment jar incentive. She has examples of it being whole group, table, or personal. Love it because the kids work together to earn a star!

When I saw this, I had to pin it for later use and then go to the blog to read more.

I love it! Keeps the kids in check and you don't hear "Do I have to do that?" Or "Our teacher wouldn't make us do that!" Well if the teacher has it prepped for the sub, then perfect!

And I love, love, love this idea!

I love that she has all the info in one place. Some teachers don't allow kids to use the sharpener. Some teachers allow kids to go to the bathroom at certain times. This has it all laid out. Perfect!

Now believe me, it's hard when there is no management system. I've been in some classes like that and had to improvise. I made punchcards and they had to have a certain amount of punches by the end of the week if they wanted board game time. 

Whatever the system, please let your sub know what you use. And also what you do if a child misbehaves. We like to follow what you do so there is continuity and routine! 


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