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Hi! I'm Courtney from Swimming into Second.

I'm joining you today to bring you some classroom management ideas. I don't know about you but classroom management is always an area that I am constantly tweaking. 

This year, I started teaching using the Whole Brain Teaching method. I absolutely love this! I am still trying to implement some of the ideas but the classroom rules are amazing. My kiddos learned them so well and were singing the rules to the entire school. 

I found a great video of the rules that I used to help me the first few weeks of school.

She seems so amazing!

I am all about giving students responsibilities in second grade. Each student has a job in my classroom. In order to get a job, he or she has to apply.  I use a job application from Amanda Nickerson's Economics unit each month. I love it because it makes them explain why they deserve the job that they are applying for and they usually have some pretty funny responses.

Click on the image to view her blog post.

I have my jobs posted in my classroom and I only change them at the beginning of the month. I just can't remember to change them every week and I don't really feel like there's a need.

 Here's my job board before I hung it up. I used small sticky pockets from Michaels for the students' names. This makes it so easy to change out the names.

I have the job titles as a fan freebie on my Facebook page. Click here or on the picture above to get a copy. Remember that you must be a fan first.

Another thing that has made my life so much easier this year is my Morning Routine printables and my Dismissal Routine printables. I feel like when the morning starts rough, it makes your whole day go down hill. These really help the kids know exactly what to do and leaves you time to handle things like attendance, homework, folders, and all those morning tasks.

The Dismissal Routines help dismissal go much smoother and keeps the kids more on track. I feel like they move much faster when they don't have to always ask what comes next. This leaves me a little extra teaching time that I used to spend on getting ready to go home.

You can find both of these printables in my TPT store.

What's your top classroom management tip? I would love to read your comments on this.
Have a fabulous weekend!
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