Day 3-another $50 giveaway!

It's Day 3 of our BTS Survival Giveaway!

Today's giveaway is a great one!

Don't be fooled by the FIRST GRADE in these ladies' blog names, they are rockin some 2nd grade this year! 
I adore Stephanie's Common Core Writing pack! I love I can intro students to all 4 types of writing in 2nd grade with her thematic, and not to mention adorable, unit! Plus we teach the same science units, so I have lucked out! Science is my favorite thing to teach and I can always use more ideas! Can't you!?

And Katie, omiword! If her original Busy Teacher's weren't enough, now she's stepping them up for 2nd grade! I personally think she's found her niche in 2nd grade! 

Remember, enter every day for new prizes! Winners are announced on our facebook page!

Happy Teaching! It's almost Friday!

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