Day 9 with Ginger and Gina

Alright! Happy Tuesday!

I cannot say enough about these ladies! Gina is so thorough and obviously lucky to live near a beach! I'm jealous! Her store is chock full of brain boosters and all about posters. I'm actually hooked up with Gina for a product swap and requested her brain boosters. They are super cool! Check them out!
Now Ginger, aka my bloggy bestie, is a girl after my own heart. Witty and sarcastic, not to mention super creative! I love me some Ginger! This year I added her text feature posters to my nonfiction area this year. So cute! Not to mention, if you love neon, she's got it! I'm also using some egg-speriments she created for introducing the scientific method!
So there you have it! Two more amazing teachers!
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