Managing Literacy and Math centers!

Hi everyone! It's Jen, from The Teacher's Cauldron.

I'm going to show you a few management "tools" I use in my classroom to make it a "smooth sailing" kind of class...

Ha. Right.

But, really. These procedures that I have in place really work well for me, and I've used them (or a slight variation of them) for quite a while!

It's all from the main board in my room - I call it the "hubbub" lol

First up, Literacy Centers. I have little "triad" system that has been working out GREAT this year.

I think it MAY be my favorite way that I've done them so far! Read how I manage my Literacy centers - and how I manage my small groups too!   You can also check out {THIS} post to see all my Guided Reading goodies I like to use! 

Check out my post on how I organize my math centers, it's different than how I do my literacy centers.

One other management tool I love to use, is the way my kids check out books from my MASSIVE classroom library. I had SO many books by the time those clever little apps came out, so I haven't put them in "a system" yet. But one of the ways I've been keeping track is by using paint sticks.

(mine look prettier now, because I painted them a few summers ago). 

Check out {THIS}post on them!

I hope I gave you a few management tips!


  1. Where did you get the center cards? DO you sell them? I am looking for something quick and easy to maintain.

  2. Those particular ones, I sell in my classroom theme packs.


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