A Career for Me - A Freebie!

Hi everyone!  I'm Angelia from Extra Special Teaching and so happy to be joining Owl-ways Be Inspired!  I'm a 2nd grade resource teacher in sunny Hawaii.  I'm excited to share some of the things I do in my classroom with all of you.  

I'm always trying to encourage my students to become better writers and improve their writing skills.  However, I've found that writing can be really challenging for many students, especially special education students.  I try to develop writing units that will give my students lots of support in order for them to work independently.  This isn't an easy task!

This year my school is focusing on becoming an AVID school.  Part of AVID's focus is helping close the gap so that students can be college ready upon graduating high school.  Even though I teach 2nd grade, it's never too early to start encouraging our students to think about post-high school goals.

We just started our new writing unit yesterday where we are thinking about careers.  First, we brainstormed different careers and filled out our bubble charts.

This also gave me the opportunity to talk about how we can't become a cat for our career choice, but we can become a vet who takes care of cats.  Please tell me I'm not the only one who has these types of conversations in their class???

We used these two brain storming pages to help us pick our career choice.  If their career choice wasn't on the page below, I had them write their choice on the back or color it yellow on the bubble map page.  

We then talked about different steps or skills the students would need for their careers.  I had students highlight 3 different things they would need for their careers.

Tomorrow, we will begin filling out our first planning page and practice writing in complete sentences.
We'll then begin working on our rough draft using the planning sheet below.
When we're all done, we'll do our final draft and draw a picture.

I can't wait to hang these up in my classroom once they're all done!

If you would like to download this mini-writing unit, you can download it {here}.

I hope this is useful for you!

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