Introducing Science (freebie)

Hey y'all! It's Rachel from the tattooed teacher! and this week we are focusing on PRE-science class!
It may sound strange, but I spend a week "introducing" science class to my second graders! Yes, science is one of their favorite subjects (my favorite to teach), however, do they communicate about it effectively? No!
At my school we are SO LUCKY to have a science kit for most units. But before we delve into our first unit this year, we learn all about Process Skills!
There are tons of great ways to teach and practice these essential skills!
I wanted to share one of my favorite lessons that I actually found in an ancient science workbook my first year teaching!
I still use it every year!
I call it Stinky Feet Science!
I love this lesson because 1.I do not have to buy a thing-we all have shoes on
and 2. shoes stink and that makes kids laugh and enjoy this activity even more!

So here is how I introduce classifying to my students using their shoes...

aren't they funny!

you can download this freebie here!

and if you're interested in what else we do...check out Teaching Process Skills to Wee Scientists! 


  1. Thanks for this Stinky Feet experiment - I'm definitely going to try it out.

  2. LOVE this idea! I wonder how 5th grade shoes would smell....hmm.

    The Disneyfied Teacher


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