Classroom Decor Touches On The Cheap

Hey everyone!

What a crazy month! I accepted a position until January and was told the Friday before staff development and then they weren't sure on a few things but I was there the first day of school.

I'm sharing a classroom with another person (it was 2 in the beginning). I felt a little unsure about decorating the class since it's mainly me teaching in there. The other person's desk is there and she only teaches one class in the room.  And the person's job that I took, well, his stuff is all there too for later.

But I figured I could add my own touches to the classroom that can easily be removed too. *UPDATE* I started this post before I got moved to my 3rd grade class! So ignore the beginning part lol. My classroom I moved into is bare bones, but the items below I used in the shared classroom, which I of course brought with me to my classroom.

  I just added the markers so you could see how it works. Perfect place for me to grab the markers! I have another bucket with dry erase markers.

If you want the freebie poster, here's the link.

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