Have you heard of Ten Marks?

Hi all! I am Jessica Hursh from The Teacher Talk. I am a new 'owl' here at Owl-ways Be Inspired. I am beyond excited to be joining these bloggers - little do they ALL know... I have been in awe over them ever since I've began my blogger & tpt journey - so, the fact that I am joining them & get to collaborate with them... I am just beside myself. 

Now, have you ever heard of Ten Marks? I hadn't!! When a colleague of mine told me about it and told me that it was totally free... my jaw about hit the floor! "What do you mean I can assign in class work or homework to students that is directly correlated to the standard I'm teaching... &... I don't have to grade it .... & it tracks their progress?" That exists? OH. YES. IT. DOES.! It's called Ten Marks.

I am using this webpage to assign homework to my students once we grasp a skill in the classroom. 

Here is a peek at Ten Marks:

Each time I assign a homework assignment, I send home these little notes:

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  1. I saw Ten Marks for the first time yesterday during our Saturday Scholars program. I really like it. I love how there are videos and hints to help the students as well. How often do you assign things on there?
    The Disneyfied Teacher


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