My Classroom Organization Must Haves!

I have some "go to" organizational ideas that have always helped me stay sane (well, at least enough to keep it all together - LOL!).  I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you'll be able to use them as well!

For me, student papers drive me crazy UNLESS you have a organized system of keeping up with all of it.  Here's how I organize center recording papers (before students ever touch them).
I have labeled baskets (which are also colored-coded by subject) to keep recording sheets and any other center materials.  Click the picture above for free center labels!

When students are finished, they put their work in this pocket chart (labeled with their student number).
At the end of each week, students put their papers in order (written on the board), I staple them, and take them home to grade.  It's MUCH easier when all the papers are in the same order.  I can check the top sheet of everyone's center work and then flip to the second when I'm ready.

When I'm finished grading, I put their papers in these mailboxes (again, labeled with student numbers).
On Fridays, students come to their mailboxes, take out their graded work, and put it in their Friday Folders to go home to their parents.  This system keeps the paper monster to a minimum! ;)

I also keep some of the students work and forms in this crate system:
When I have to go to an RTI meeting or have a parent meeting, the important "stuff" is right there and easily accessible!

Another thing I have to do is keep MYSELF organized!  Here are some of my tips:
I keep a weekly planner and an accordion file with me at all times!  If I want to check my schedule or file an idea away, I have the tools I need to do so.  
Keep track of important dates and events with a cute desk calendar.  Don't get an ugly'll start to resent it just as much as all those extra meetings.

Finally, I wanted to share a video and resource I shared a few weeks ago on my blog.  Here is the video:

Also, here is the link to a checklist freebie that goes along with the video:
 I hope all of this info is helpful and isn't too overwhelming.  Good luck getting organized!  And remember, the kids can do a lot to help keep things organized!  

The more help from the kids, the less stress on you!

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  1. It's truly great what you're doing with your students' files and how you keep yourself focused on keeping everything tidy. Thank you for sharing some tips, by the way. Let's hope that with this, there's going to be one less mountain of papers in a classroom or household.
    Ruby @ Williams Data Management


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