Organizing Classroom Volunteers: The Easy Way!

Hi friends!  It's Linda from Around the Kampfire!  I thought I'd 
share the easiest way I've found to schedule and organize
my parent volunteers! 

I discovered this free site a couple of years ago and have used it for everything from scheduling classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones to donating items for special projects and events.  I even use it to schedule my parent/ teacher conferences!  It's that easy!

Here's a little tutorial on how VolunteerSpot works:  Go to 
and create a free account.

From there, you click on Create New Activity.

Choose the type of activity you'd like to plan.  For one time events
I choose Single Day for monthly volunteering I choose Multiple Days.

Name your activity and enter all the details.

Next, click on a date to plan it!

Enter the email addresses of those you wish to invite, 
include a message and INVITE!

You can view and edit the activities you've got planned...

Then print a report of who is scheduled and when!
This part is especially helpful for parent/teacher conferences!

And here's the best part.....parents receive an email reminder the day before!
 That alone saves me a ton of time! 

Hop on over to my home blog, Around the Kampfire, to see
how I make the most of my volunteers' time once they arrive! 


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