Organizing Birthdays

Hi! I'm Courtney from Swimming into Second.

I am bringing you a simple idea today to help make your life easier all throughout the year. I don't know why I didn't think of this before but I'm sure some of you already do this. I am terrible about remembering when my students' birthdays are. I always have them on the calendar but I totally forget to get their gifts ready before the big day. So this year,  I decided to get it all ready at the same time.

 I found some small manila envelopes in my classroom. I decided to use those to hold each students' birthday treats. I got some stickers from Teacher Created Resources to put on the outside.

Inside, I put their birthday swag including a sticker, a birthday pencil, and a birthday brag tag.

I also put some birthday certificates in the envelopes after I knew their birthdays. I also wrote their names and birthdays on the outside of the envelope and put them in order. 

Voila! Super easy to get ready and implement in the classroom. 

 I hope you come visit me at my other home, Swimming into Second. I am currently having a Show Off Your Space linky party and it's full of great classroom photos. Come check it out!

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